Stadium Club’s Installs Their New Officers

Stadium Club’s installation party jam-packed with good times.Feb 2016 Install Officers

Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Sprague conned, er, inspired fellow Stadium Club Toastmaster Mel Makaric to be our fabulous host at her restaurant “Mission Valley Cafe”.

President Alan Bonine and Robbie Robinson, DTM led the procedings, Robbie, first firing all of the present officers, then swearing in the new officers (the same officers that he had just fired by the way). Robbie, always entertaining, brought the procedings to a whole new level, wherever that is.  Alan commented, ” a special thank you to a person who’s been part of our Club longer than anyone else–Robbie Robinson. He presided over our installation ceremony, in a professional, yet fun way.”

Treasurer Mary-Ellen Robinson summed it up this way:

Some  great surprises…
Dan won!
Diana brought her Karaoke
Phyllis and Jerry did a duet
Irma and Jim sang a great duet
Food was fabulous…
Mel has a baby brother
Richard brought Emily

Robbie was in comedic form during installing officers
We met Darlas’ Steve
The du wa girls had a great time…
Frank’s brother in law and friend showed up…
Just to name a few…


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